Motivational Maps

Your happiness and success at work is partly determined by whether or not your core ‘motivations’ are being met. These Motivations are not a conscious decision, but rather emerge from your self-concept, beliefs, expectations and personality. As with our purpose in life, we do not ‘invent’ motivations; instead, we detect them. It is vital to go with the grain of our motivations.

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What is a Motivational Map?

In only about 15 minutes on-line you can complete the diagnostic and receive a full 15 page report on what motivates you and how motivated you are.

The report is not only practical but also extremely revealing: most individuals have little idea about what truly motivates them. The Motivational Map report contains at least 9 reward strategy ideas to help to motivate individuals further. This tool unlocks for you the key to high performance.

It is ideal for individual, career and leadership development.

The more motivation we have, the more energy; so this tool not only boosts our self-esteem but increases our capability to perform at a higher level.

The Map is not a psychometric tool, it helps people understand motivation at a deeper level and what they can do with that knowledge to improve performance.

The origins of the Motivational Map are based on extensive research into human motivation using three primary sources; Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, Edgar Scheins Career Anchors and the personality profiling tool the Enneagram.

Easy. Accurate. Useful.

Collecting vital information shouldn’t be a chore. Motivational Maps® is easy to use. Starting with a straightforward questionnaire, individuals can complete it in minutes. 92% of Maps users found it easy to complete.

The tool automatically analyses responses and generates clear and easy to understand reports, that reveals each person’s key motivators, and their level of motivation. Each report provides actionable advice on how to increase motivation where it matters. 95% of Maps users said their Motivational Map® accurately described their personal motivators, and 97% found the information in their personalized report useful.

The Nine Motivations Of Work

The Motivational Map comprises three cluster areas, with each of these containing three core motivations. This means that in total, there are nine core Motivations.

Usually three of these predominate, although sometimes this can vary – two may stand out, or more than three can emerge. Within your dominant three, there is one core Motivation – your work must fulfill this Motivation if there is to be any real satisfaction. It is important to identify your Motivations and to work consistently at getting more of them at the workplace. However, it is also highly likely that what you want from work, you also want from the rest of your life as well. Thus it is why examining your Motivations is of fundamental importance.

Do you want to find out your own Motivational tendencies?

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for only $99

*limited time offer

Motivational Maps helps individuals…

  • Make good career decisions
  • Determine how their motivation is likely to change
  • See how well their current role is fulfilling their core career drivers
  • Develop leadership and coaching skills
  • Achieve greater fulfillment from their work

Motivational Maps can help businesses…

  • Improve team performance
  • Reduce stress and sickness and enhance well-being
  • Improve staff retention
  • Recruit the best candidate for every position
  • Leverage team performance and address motivational issues with team members
  • Impact sales, engagement and culture
  • Provide a common language through which everyone can understand what they want and align with team and organizational objectives
  • Give management an overview of what is really going on with their employees
  • Provide a cost-effective change management tool that maps the changes of the whole staff